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  • XPRMNTL anti-festival
    • avant-garde
    • unauthorised locations
    • random playlists
    • accidental audience
  • progressive, disruptive, productive
  • films made after January 1st 2021
  • maximum length of film – 3 minutes
  • $3 entry fee – no waivers / no refunds
  • we only accept avant-garde films – everything else is rejected

anti-festival #3  – 2022

xprmntl screens on pub window – London E17.

Somebody cheers …

More cheers … but it’s for something else

Somebody sings … no networking occurs

anti-festival #2 – 2021

xprmntl sets up in London E17. Brick wall. Traffic. Beauty.

It attracts an audience of at least 4.

Somebody asks to see our permit.
He records us.
‘It’s causing a disturbance,’ he says.
We agree

anti-festival #1 – 2021

Secretly set up screening in football pub.
Nobody is interested in us, or our films.

After 30 mins the landlord approaches.

‘What’s all this?’ he demands.
‘We don’t ask for permission,’ we answer.
He throws us out.
xprmntl anti-festival is up and running.